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Popular games among kids

Some of our popular games among kids. These games are played more than 5 million times a month

  • Hungry frog

    Hungry frog

  • Odd in group

    Odd in group

  • Scratch pad

    Scratch pad

  • Bubble pop

    Bubble pop

  • Bingo quiz

    Bingo quiz

  • Jigsaw puzzle

    Jigsaw puzzle

  • Spot difference

    Spot difference

  • Count item

    Count item

  • Match shadow

    Match shadow

Develop cognitive skills

Imagination & Creativity

Color activities facilitates creativity and imagination in kids

Visual & Spatial Processing

Ability to process incom­ing visual stimuli and to under­stand spa­tial rela­tion­ship between objects.


Short-term & working memory.  The capacity to hold and manipulate information in real time.

Sorting & classification

Provides children with models for organizing things in the real world


The ability to prioritize objects in the right order.

Hand eye coordination

Coordinated control of eye movement with hand movement, and the processing of visual input.

By NikkiL from United States about Kids Preschool Learn Letters (Windows 8.1) on Mar 11, 2015
I’m a social worker and I’m constantly looking for different things to keep the kids entertained and learning. This software is interactive and fun for the kids.
By Sylwia from Poland about Kids Learning Word Games (Windows 8.1) on Feb 19, 2015
Great game, educational. My three-year old son does great. He teaches English in simple words.
 By R.E from Canada about Kids Learning Word Games (Windows 8.1) on Mar 01, 2015
My son has dyspraxia and this APP has been helping him work on his letter and word recognition, word families, and much more. Thank you!!
By stefan From United Kingdom about Kindergarten Kid Learning (Windows Phone 8.1)on Oct 29,2015
Guys you are masters of kids development app on Windows, this one is done so modern and easy for use, my 2 year daughter love it and I love you. Keep up the good work