Reviews About Our Applications

Reviews About Our Applications
Fun Kids School Games

A learning application for younger children between the ages of four to eight, that makes education fun and playful. The application offers space for the child’s imagination and creativity while building their visual understanding, memory and teaching them about the various natural concepts of the world.

ABC Kids Games For Toddlers

An innovative and fun application for younger children, between the ages of three to six, where alphabets are taught via engaging games and activities. The games are focused on children in preschool and kindergarten, and are designed to teach them letters, phonics and objects with those particular letters. This application makes learning the English language more exciting and entertaining for children.

Kindergarten Kids Learning

Our kindergarten application offers innovative and interactive activities and puzzles that are especially designed for children. The kids’ games are perfect for kindergarten and preschool children, helping them learn while they have fun playing.

Shapes & Colors Learning Games

This application consists of fun and engaging games for kids, especially toddlers, where they learn about various shapes and colours, while playing. The games are a great mode of education for toddlers, who are entering kindergarten, as kinesthetic learners.

Toddler Games Baby Learning

The toddler application includes games for kids that are specifically designed for children between the age groups of 2-4 year olds. With a strong focus on their cognitive abilities, motor and sensory development and also, their attention and memory retention, these games provide an overall learning for your children while they play and have fun.

ABC Kids Pre School Games

Welcome to the various worlds of foods, where fun meets learning! The games for kids focuses on alphabets, phonics and their pronunciations and tracing. To make the games more enticing, playful and imaginative, there are various different food worlds that the child has to navigate and take different journeys with the food characters of each world.

Kindergarten Kids Learning

Our Kids Preschool Games Application is especially designed for children between the ages of three to five years, who are in preschool. The kids’ games are intuitive for children in the preschool age-group, keeping in mind their motor, sensory and cognitive development.

Cool Math Games For Kids

Learning and fun? Welcome to Greysprings, where learning and fun go hand-in-hand. Our math games application offers math games for kids between the ages of four to seven years. Learning numeracy concepts have never been so fun before.

Read & Spelling Games For Kids

The English language and vocabulary is a major part of kindergarten learning and lesson plan. This application includes games for kids wherein they develop their vocabulary and learn words while having fun.

Kids Preschool Learn Letters

This kids’ games application is especially designed for preschool children, between the ages of two to four, to lay the groundwork for learning basic skills with the help of fun activities. The application offers various engaging games and puzzles that encourage the child to learn alphabets, letters and phonics.

Learning Games - Numbers & Math

We, at Greysprings, have found a way to make math fun for your preschooler! Let your child enjoy the world of numbers while they engage with dynamic characters and storylines. These games for kids ensure Montessori and preschool level of education while your children are busy enjoying.