Kids Learning Shapes & Colors

Learning games for kindergarten & preschool children to teach Shapes and Colors.The fun games are a great mode of education for toddlers entering kindergarten as KINESTHETIC Learners​.(Appreciate touch/ feel/experience as modes of communication).

  • The interactive learning methodology help kids to build motor skills and hand eye coordination as well.
  • Shapes & Colors Nursery games is a fusion of fun and education that kids would love to play with, again and again. The activities do not force timed completion, and hence encourage the kid to learn at his/her own pace. Kids are enchanted with the experience of the game as there is no winning and no losing.
  • Features
    • Ten learning activities that will help initiate the child in Shapes & Colors concepts
    • An effective and engaging way, meant for preschoolers and toddlers
    • Excellent game play experience with optimized techniques to help child learn while playing
    • Rewards and appreciation to boost our champion’s morale
    List of Games
    • Hungry frog
    • Fill the colors
    • Dots to dots
    • Color Ball
    • Scratch to reveal
    • Match the shapes
    • Broken shapes
    • Build the toys
    • Match the colors
    • Odd one out
    • Honey bee
    • Bingo fun